Kopen aan de Costa

Kopen aan de Costa needed help with reducing their cost per appointment and automating their sales process to make their business more predictable and scalable


Appointment Generation, Funnel Building, CRM+




Kopen aan de Costa


Kopen aan de Costa is a Dutch organization that offers purchasing guidance for Dutch people buying real estate in Spain.

In the field of online marketing, they had Meta ads running, which were followed up by a third-party hired to qualify leads and schedule follow-up appointments. The challenge was to make this process more scalable and cost-effective.

By deploying online funnels, creating authority through filming an online video course, and utilizing sales automations via the CRM+ system, we were able to drastically reduce the cost per appointment. By making the cost per appointment, the conversion rate, and thus the ROI visible, a scalable model has been developed, enabling Kopen aan de Costa to build more predictability into their operations.

What we've accomplished

  1. Implemented multiple funnel strategies
  2. Created long-term nurture email sequences
  3. Produced an online video course
  4. Developed and creating new ads and giveaways
  5. Increased online visibility and authority
  6. Provided insights in cost per sale metrics
  7. Automated the sales process

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